Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back Home

Sitting here in my apartment looking back at the craziness of the last few weeks...some random mental snapshots:
-Dweezil and Steve Vai trading solos in "More Trouble Every Day" in Phoenix, and Steve asking Dweezil "What the hell was that?" after a particularly inspired passage.
-Terry Bozzio sitting on the bus telling me the story of Patrick O'Hearn's bass audition for Frank, which includes the story of the ridiculous acoustic bass line on "The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution" (he can actually play that fast...)
-Meeting Napoleon's mom in San Francisco and seeing where he got his incredible friendliness and positive attitude.
-Meeting Scott Thunes, one of my absolute bass heroes and another Frank alumnus, and almost losing it when he didn't tell me I suck. wow.
-Meeting my new baby niece, Meredith, and hanging out with my increasingly imaginative 2 yr-old nephew Joel during a brief respite in Massachussetts.
-Suddenly finding myself sitting on my couch in my apartment wondering when sound check is. Oh, wait...
All the US shows were amazing, thanks to all of you who came out with such love for Frank's music and Dweezil's vision, myself and the rest of the band are all very grateful for the overwhelming response. Click here for a Hollywood Reporter review of the Los Angeles show.
Luckily I have more shows to look forward to in the Fall, check here and of course Zappa.com for details on that and also check out Dweezil's New Album "Go With What You Know" available now and featuring me on track #8 "All Roads Lead to Inca." It's so cool that Dweezil gave me the opportunity to be on the same album as great bassists like Scott Thunes and my good friend Mark Meadows.
Now I have some time to focus on my own writing and practicing more, as well as beginning to learn more Zappa songs for the next tour...

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