Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Home for a minute

I've been on break from tour for a few weeks now, and I haven't even slowed down much. I've been working hard on the Gryphon Labs project, and Roger and I finished up 2 more tunes, bringing the grand total to 6 (for the time being). I'm really excited about how it's all coming together, especially when taken as a whole. Somehow we managed to pack a lot of different musical styles and influences into these songs, and yet it still maintains some amount of continuity. Keep an eye on the Gryphon Labs Myspace page for clips and news as I make it up. Also, if you want to help promote this music please contact me, I'd love any help I can get, from artwork to web design to promotion to booking to representation to licensing to...
I've recently found myself associating with a lot of amazing musicians, many of them bass players. From meeting Rob Trujillo (from Metallica, among many others) and Armand Sabal-Lecco (from Paul Simon, among many others) at our show in LA, to hangin with Scott Thunes after our San Fran gig, and saying hi to Bryan Beller after seeing him with Steve Vai last night. I used to think bass players had to hate each other like wild animals who occupy the same territory, because (most) gigs only have one bass player. But in fact, we can all get along, and it's a honor to even say I met these guys let alone hung out with them.
Coming up...European tour, then around the US again, starting with Halloween in NY again (and possibly another surprise around then), and then finishing the year with a trip to lovely Australia. Check the Zappa Plays Zappa website for tour dates

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