Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trading with Stanley Clarke...

Here's a video of our final mega-jam with Return to Forever on Stanley Clarke's iconic song "School Days." Even watching this now, I can't believe it happened. After a brief run-through during soundcheck, we just jumped right into this madness, and somehow I think it came out pretty good. Considering my heart was pounding through my chest when I had to solo after Stanley, I managed to play some stuff that I'm not completely embarrassed of, you can check that part out starting around 5:45.
What an incredible ending to an incredible tour, not only was it a dream come true to tour with RTF, I got to meet (and play for) a lot of my heroes who happened to be in the audience (Victor Wooten, Vernon Reid, and Chester Thompson just to name a few.) One of the best perks was that after Chick Corea had been sitting in with us on a regular basis I got to the point where I was actually comfortable playing with him, rather than just thinking "holy s#!t I'm playing with Chick Corea!"
Now that I'm back home I have a few awesome gigs coming up before ZPZ heads out to England for some shows. First, Gryphon Labs will be back at Molly Malone's on Friday Novemeber 4th. That's a Friday night, and we go on at 11 pm, so come get your weekend started with us!
Then, I'm really excited to be a part of The Show Must Go On, a Queen tribute with all proceeds going to AIDS Project LA. The band features Brendon Small (Dethklok), Mike Keneally, Bear McCreary (TV composer for Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead), as well as Joe Travers and Rick Musallam from Gryphon Labs, and many others. This one-time-only show is Nov 9th at the Roxy, get your tickets now!


tom waring said...

Great stuff Pete! I missed an incredible show! Bravo,
Tom Waring

Sinister Steve said...

Hey Pete!
Really sad to hear that you'll no longer be touring with Zappa Plays Zappa! Your bass playing has been a great source of inspiration to me since catching my first ZPZ show back in 2009 in Edinburgh (it was proof that those Zappa tracks can be played by actual humans!).

Thanks a lot and I'll hopefully catch Gryphon Labs if you ever come over to Scotland!

All the best,