Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Birth of Captain Apathy

With all the music writing I've been doing for the past few years I've had to decide which songs would work for Gryphon Labs and which ones wouldn't. I always wanted Gryphon Labs to be as much about the contributions of the other musicians as the songs themselves, so I've left room in the arrangements for guitar solos, drum fills, and other "interpretations." But occasionally I would come up with a tune that was a little more straightforward, a little more electronic, and a little more, dare I say it, "mainstream." So, rather than dooming those songs to never being heard, I've created the alter ego of Captain Apathy with the intention of putting them out, performing, recording, and producing all the parts myself. It's pretty amazing what you can do musically with just a laptop these days, and Captain Apathy will be an exploration of that. I've put the first song, "Dizzy, Mopey, and Me" up on Bandcamp so you can check it out and download it for whatever price you see fit, including $0. There will be more coming, so stay tuned!
Also, check out this video of my bass solo from a Monday Night Jam at the Baked Potato. The band was made up of killer musicians that night, including drummer extraordinaire Chris Coleman. Chris' playing behind my solo is so tasteful and supportive, probably because he's a badass bass player himself and knows what he would want behind his own soloing.

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