Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Life After ZPZ

Well, we've got one more Zappa Plays Zappa show before a 2 month hiatus, so if you haven't seen us yet you can come to Casino Morongo on Dec. 30th for our quasi-New Year's celebration. Also, to kick the new year off right, I'll be playing at the Baked Potato (even though my name isn't on the website) on Thursday Jan. 4th with Amalgatron, which is one of the many bands of guitar wiz John Zeigler. Come on out and say hi, should be quite a fun evening.

What a year it's been...if you told me last December that I'd spent most of 2006 playing the music of Frank Zappa with distinguished alumni from his bands I would have punched you for teasing me. Now it looks like most of 2007 will be spent the same way, and I couldn't be happier.

It took a lot for Dweezil to get this band off the ground, and it blows my mind that certain people, due to affiliations with other non-official Zappa cover bands, actually wanted this project to fail. Ever since our first gig there have been a few posts on various forums trying to put down the Zappa Family Trust for putting on this tour, saying mean and untrue things about the members (including myself) as well as Dweezil and his family. It seems to me, if you're a true Zappa fan, that you would be excited for this official tour to finally happen, regardless of loyalties to other projects. I was never able to see Frank live, but having seen many concert videos and listened to many of his shows I think we've put on the best possible representation of the composers music, by using the resources of the Vault (and the Vaultmeister) as well as the blood line of the man himself. It's unfortunate that jealousy and fear of becoming obsolete now that this tour is so successful has overshadowed those few people's enjoyment of the first official presentation of Frank's music since his death. Thankfully, the true fans have spoken (and spoken much louder) by coming out and supporting us from the beginning, and I can't thank you enough for that.

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