Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Royal Albert Hall

Yes indeed, here we Athens, Greece, having just gotten back from seeing the Acropolis, which was pretty incredible. The past week has pretty much been a blur, Paris was an amazing show for a crazy huge crowd, Dublin was an amazing show for a crazy smaller crowd, and then there was the Royal Albert Hall. Not only can you just feel the history in the walls of that place, the crowd was very into the show, and we all played with a newfound intensity and joy. Not to mention that Aaron got to play a few songs on the historic Royal Albert Hall organ, the same organ that Don Preston from Frank's band got in trouble for playing in 1969 (check out the album Uncle Meat for a recording of that historic moment). And to top it all off, we've been playing along with a video of Frank taking a great guitar solo, which is quite a surreal and intense experience. I used to say that I would've given a limb to be able to play with Frank Zappa, and somehow I've been able to get as close as I ever could, seeing as how I was only 14 when he passed away.

Just 2 more European shows until we get back to the states, which we're all looking forward to, even if it is a little bittersweet. Thanks again to all of you who have either posted comments here or sent me an email telling me you enjoyed the show, that really means a lot to all of us.
See ya in the US!

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