Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New ZPZ Dates,, 4/23 Baked Potato show, and more

Well, with all this down time from Zappa Plays Zappa I've been able to work a lot more on the Gryphon Labs project, recording new songs and trying to get the name out there, as they say. Be sure to tune in to The Fusion Show with Randy Allar this and every Friday from 1-3 pm EST on WCSB to hear Gryphon Labs along with lots of other great "Fusion Progressive Instrumental Music."
I'm also proud to announce the launch of which will have all sorts of news, pics, and recordings of the band, plus cool things like unreleased live tracks. Also, come out to the Baked Potato on April 23rd for our next Labs gig. We'll have new tunes, both covers and originals, plus special guests and other fun surprises. Like maybe pony rides...or maybe not.
And finally, new dates for Zappa Plays Zappa have been announced, and it's time for me to start learning yet another batch of tunes from Frank's seemingly endless catalog. I can't wait to get back on the road with everyone, as far as I know we'll have the same lineup as last year, but knowing Dweezil I'm sure there are plenty of surprises in store.
And in case you missed us on Craig Ferguson here it is.

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