Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grammy Nominated!

As you may have heard, Zappa Plays Zappa has been nominated for a Grammy! We're in the Best Rock Instrumental category for our live performance of "Peaches En Regalia." Seeing as how I've always felt this song was three and half minutes of compositional genius, and that we painstakingly dissected the original recording to reproduce it live, I think we may have a decent chance of winning (over David Gilmour, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, and Metallica).
The Roxy shows were a total blast, over 12 hours of Zappa music in 4 nights! Hopefully the footage we filmed on Friday will turn out well, it'll be interesting to see it in comparison to the footage of Frank at the same venue 35 years earlier.
Soon it'll be New Year's, playing in San Francisco on the same bill as the legendary bass innovator Les Claypool, and then more You Can't Fit Onstage Anymore touring into 2009, including possibly going back to Japan and Australia.


Steve Chase said...

Hey Pete:

Great work with the Grammy nomination. You guys deserve it--the band is smokin'.

Keep touring and we'll keep coming to the shows.

Mike Lerch said...

Very happy to hear it and not surprised about the dissection...the timbre you guys achieve on that song is quite amazing. I don't think award shows mean much but I sure hope they invite you to play it on national TV! :)

PinYing said...

:) I knew what I believed in you 5 years ago has come true. Im so happy for you. You are still my biggest proud and hero in the whole wide world. <3 Arlan is coming to Taipei on Valentine's day with Daniel Powter. When can I see you play in my home town? I miss your music. seriously..