Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, the You Can't Fit Onstage Anymore tour certainly lived up to its name, but the diminutive size of the venues didn't stop the shows from being incredibly fun. I wasn't sure how Billy the Mountain was going to be received, but after our first performance of it my worries went away. Seeing people singing along to nearly every line of a 25 minute "song" only further proved the amazing dedication of the Zappa fans we play for.
And then there's the's a little daunting to think about each show being recorded and released, and even more so since the sound quality is going to be far better than a bootleg. So, if you hear any of my mistakes on your show I sincerely apologize...
As the flyer above points out, I'll be playing with the amazing VOLTO! at the Baked Potato on December 5th. I'm still pretty blown away to be invited to share the stage with Danny Carey from Tool and Kirk Covington from Tribal Tech, as well as my good friend John Z. If you're planning on going you should call ahead and reserve a table, VOLTO! almost always sells out the Potato.
Then ZPZ plays the Roxy here in Los Angeles four nights in a row, December 10-13, 35 years to the day of the recording of the Roxy and Elsewhere album. Wow. There are still a few tickets left, but they're going fast.

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