Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

Here's a picture from the Byron Bay Blues Fest, not of ZPZ, but of funk/ska/punk veterans Fishbone absolutely destroying the Australian audience. Lead singer/sax player Angelo Moore spent as much time crowd surfing (while still singing!) as he did playing, and the rest of the band, including the amazing Norwood Fisher on bass, seriously whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Scheila, Jamie, and myself watched this spectacle from the view seen above, and in between furiously dancing and jumping up and down we were saying to each other "How the hell are we going to follow this?"
So I take a quick peek at our set list and realize, not only do we have to follow them, the first song is Apostrophe, which has a long bass solo (played by Jack Bruce originally) mere seconds after it begins. The already daunting task of following one of the most amazing live shows I've ever seen is that much more nerve-wracking, because the start of the show completely depends on me!
What followed was an intense session of soul searching and self-cheerleading right up until showtime, and then a deep breath. Fortunately I was able to go out and just have fun, confident in the fact that even in our new smaller form, ZPZ is still a damn good band. And the crowd, I think, agreed with me.
What's really funny is that the Youtube videos from that gig clearly show my progression from being mildly sweaty at the beginning of the show to being entirely soaked by the end. And while you're there, check out the promo for the Roxy footage we shot in December.
Oh, and Glynn Wood, our very talented front of house engineer, has been playing a few Gryphon Labs tracks during the pre-show music, as well as Joe's tunes from the AAAFNRAAA FZ Birthday Bundle and a song of Jamie's. Glynn's told me that people have inquired as to what they were listening to, so if you hear an instrumental track you dig before a ZPZ show (and it's not Jeff Beck or the Secret Chiefs) chances are it's one of our tunes.


msvphoto said...

Pete, I have no doubt you pulled it off with verve and energy, not to mention incredible skill. Wish I could have been there to see it!

Hope to see you and ZPZ again here in Northern CA soon. The Santa Cruz show was over a month ago now and I can't wait!!!!

Peter said...

Hi Pete! On the subject of your bass solos, I dug the kookaburra solo last night in Melbourne. Hehe.