Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, it was my 30th birthday on Monday, when we played Amsterdam, so that show also served as a birthday party of sorts. When I was 20, the only thing I wanted to do in life was play bass for a living, regardless of who I was playing for. I had seen bassists like Tony Levin and Chris Chaney play for many different artists, and I envied and desired their ability to hop from gig to gig but always be working, while always sounding like themselves.
Ten years later, I'm in a place that even my wildest dreams couldn't have imagined. Not only do I get to play bass for a living, which includes getting to see a large portion of the planet, but I get to play the music of Frank Zappa, the very artist I spent my teens collecting CDs of. So many different puzzle pieces needed to fall into place for me to get here, from the support of my family, to my move to Los Angeles (and subsequently meeting Joe Travers,) to Dweezil putting the project together to begin with. I'm so very grateful that all those things did in fact come together.
So, now what? Now that I've achieved a 10-year goal of mine, what do I shoot for next? Hopefully, Gryphon Labs. We're very close to the final mixing of the last tunes for the album, and now comes the process of shopping it around to labels, investors, promoters, etc. I don't have any dreams of being a huge pop star, but I'd love to do a small tour soon and just get it out there. So, watch this space, hopefully it won't take another 10 years.

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PAULB said...

The show was great! Another life changhing experience! Glad we could meet and hope you had time to watch Alphonso Johnson.

Paul, Esther & Bibiche, Amsterdam