Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Baked Potato: My "Cheers"

Most bars and clubs are known for their ambience, or the strength of their drinks, or the size and number of their flat screen TVs broadcasting every possible sporting event. The Baked Potato has become world famous mainly for the caliber of musicians it showcases, but I mostly find myself hanging there because many of my musician friends are there on any given night (and especially Mondays for the jam). It was this combination of friends/musicians that allowed us to pull off the second set of our last Gryphon Labs show. Bryan Beller, Mike Keneally, Scheila Gonzalez, Glen Sobel, John Z, and Nick D'Virgilio all joined in for what turned into a really fun night.
And it looks like I'll be appearing at the Potato again soon. First, on Friday October 30th with fusion power trio Cosmosquad, featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman and drummer Shane Gaalaas. I'm really excited to play with these guys, both virtuosos on their instruments, and the music is really fun and challenging.
Then, Friday November 6th, I'll be there again with the amazing VOLTO!, featuring John Z, Danny Carey of Tool, and Kirk Covington of Tribal Tech. I'm so psyched to play with these guys again, standing between Danny and Kirk when they went into their dueling drum kit jams was quite an experience last time.
So come on out to the Baked Potato, whether or not I'm playing there. Chances are you'll see some incredible musicians. And yes, they do serve baked potatoes, and they're amazing.

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